The Pro-Tech Mobile Container System solves a key industry problem with unproductive rail car mileage.  Today, rail cars that carry finished automotive vehicles are assigned to specific auto assembly plants.  When loaded, these assigned cars haul automobiles from the manufacturing plants to the unloading ramps, seaports, and docks from which the vehicles are delivered by highways to dealerships.  After, each rail car is loaded it travels empty back to the same plant or dock to be loaded for another trip.  This practice results in empty rail cars and unproductive rail car mileage, but if the process is revised that equipment can be utilized for loaded movement.

The Pro-Tech Mobile Container System allows customers to utilize empty automotive rail cars miles productively – saving time and money for all parties.  The containers are specially designed to fit inside auto rail cars and to collapse or be expanded as needed.  Also, Pro-Tech uses a global tracking RFID system on each container to monitor rail car flow patterns, analyze cost/benefits and optimize container usage.