Dear Mr. Higgins:

Pursuant to certain logistical requirements and specific capabilities provided by the Pro-Tech Group, this letter is hereby given as confirmaton of the Ford Motor Company review of the proposed Pro-Tech Mobile System Project.

This letter indicates a willingness of Ford Motor Company to pursue development of proposed applications that the Pro-Tech Mobile System provides for improved logistical capabilities and cost savings. We believe that capabilities obtainable with the Pro-Tech Mobile System will revolutionize the manner in which we reduce our carriers’ emptly miles, and the way back-haul shipping is conducted in the future.

This exclusive system will offer Ford’s vehicle logistics operation increased efficiencies and operational performance as that was unheard of prior to the introduction of the Pro-Tech Mobile System.

The review process as described in this letter is in the final stages and should only require finalization of legal language and terms to be agreed upon. This should not be construed as complete, but as an indication of the process towards an agreement and the formation of a strategic business alliance with Pro-Tech Group, Inc.


Manager of North American Vehicle Logistics

Global Logistics – MFE – MP&L

Ford Motor Company