Truck Transport: Reliable & High Quality Service

Pro-Tech Transportation (“PTG”) was established in 1999 with 5 company owned trucks.  Today, PTG operates 61 trucks and employs close to 100 individuals.  PTG is a specialized contract carrier focused on time-sensitive repeat lane operations including milk runs, dedicated carriage, warehouse shuttles and lane-based one-way moves.  .

PTG operates in the Midwest region of the United Sates with primary facilities in Michigan & Kentucky.  Within our scope of operations are in excess of 75 OEM customer plants and distribution facilities for the automotive industry.  In addition, our scope of operation includes several hundred regional customers for freight and container services.

PTG plans to utilize compressed natural gas (“CNG”) to fuel its’ fleet.  Compared to diesel fuel, CNG is more environmentally-friendly and costs less per gasoline gallon equivalent (“CGE”).   Current plans are to deploy 20 CNG trucks within the next two years.  PTG will utilize Trillium CNG for fuel as their network of CNG stations overlaps PTG’s service area.

PTG has initiated a partnership with a major truck maintenance organization to reduce overall maintenance costs for CNG fueled vehicles.

Tracking & Tracing


CNG Fueled