Mobile Container Systems – The ultimate in cost savings efficiency

Pro-Tech Group (PTG) has developed an industry-first patented mobile container system.  The container was created to mitigate unused capacity incurred during empty backhauls of automotive railcar shipments.  PTG & auto suppliers estimate that US railroads ship empty rails cars 16.5 million miles annually, creating significant opportunity for PTG’s proprietary solution.

With the development of Pro-Tech’s modular container system, companies can easily ship collapsible modular containers in automotive rail cars and trucks  The patented design adapts to the strict internal floor specifications of ‘specialized’ auto rail cars.  Once the automotive freight is unloaded, the containers are expanded and filled with a variety of commodities for the backhaul.  The only exceptions are hazardous materials, fungible food items, munitions and pharmaceutical products.    The system greatly reduces expenses and pollution as multiple containers can be shipped at once, in turn reducing overall cost, the level of truck activity and highway congestion.

The Pro-Tech Mobile Container works on all bi-level and tri-level railcar assists, shipping containers, standard vans and flat bed trucks.  In addition, our ytem works with most pallets or loose bulk storage items and is collapsible and stackable.  Also, the container can be incorporated into shipper processes from origin or may be used as an inter-model conveyance..

The Pro-Tech Mobile delivery system offers tremendous backhaul saving opportunities.  Our advantages include: Multi-use returnable dunnage, lower greenhouse emissions, lower energy consumption, reduced long haul traffic, reduced road hazards and internal efficiencies for our customers.

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